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NTKOR – 9625 – Food Grade Heavy Duty Aqueous Cleaner


Make: Mosil


A Food Grade Heavy Duty Cleaner meant for ferrous metal in spray and ultra sonic machine. It leaves almost zero residues on cleaned surface.


NTKOR 9625 can be used for dip, Spray and flood wash and Ultra sonic application


  • Remove soil, swarf, rust preventive film and smut
  • Low foaming and withstand 200 bar spray pressure
  • Good short-term rust protection, if water rinse not given
  • De emulsify oil, when returns to sump, it gives good sump life
  • Free from Low molecular weight volatile solvent
  • Formulated using non – toxic ingredients and can be used for all food and pharma applications


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NTKOR - 9625 - Food Grade Heavy Duty Aqueous Cleaner